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Making Service Sense
September 12, 2009, 8:54 pm
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Last night I had the absolute pleasure of travelling  to sunny Dundee.  I was privileged to be at Lauren Currie’s aka Redjotter’s master of design degree show.

Lauren has spent the last year exploring and discovering the expansive land of service design to attempt to make sense of it all and help explain what it is that service designers do.  Based in Scotland, it’s very nice to have someone who is doing similar work so close by.

The show was brilliantly simple: visuals of service elements, cards that showed day to day services we use, speech bubbles which contained questions about service design (which I am asked on a day to day basis when I say I am a service designer) and an interesting twitter twist.

In her own words she describes her show as,

“Making Service Sense attempts to communicate to students what people sometimes think and talk about when it come to Service Design.”

I think it goes even further than students and reaches out to the public and business.


The twitter bit was interesting, using the #makingservicesense category on twitter, Lauren put questions to her vast network of design professionals and thinkers and received almost instantaneous replies.  I’m intrigued about twitter, I love how an event can come to life using it and even though not there in person, others can still get involved.  To view the night’s feed (and believe me this is not the end of it) go to the #makeservicesense twitter page.

I think the diversity of what Lauren has covered is fantastic, not to mention the leg work that went into it.  She’s produced a book of all the conversations and experiences of the last 12 months into a lovely, very large, book.  Fingers crossed she will make it available to the service design world in the near future.  If you can’t wait, and you haven’t already, you should read her blog which is very comprehensive.


And I promise you, this is only just the beginning for makingservicesense, it’s only going to grow.

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of travelling  to sunny Dundee 🙂 I was privellged to be at Lauren Currie’s aka Redjotter’s master of design degree show.

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Hi Sarah,
Thank you for such a wonderful write up of Making Service Sense. I am so glad you were part of my evening. I am truly humbled. As you said ‘ this is only the beginnning’ 🙂 L x

Comment by redjotter

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