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Peachy Keachy

A short post to say thank you to everyone who came along to the Pecha Kucha event at the Glasgow School of art.  Not an official PK, so now nicknamed Peacky Keachy, it was a free event with the goal of encouraging cross departmental discussion and way to highlight all the great work that’s been done around the school.

My favourite thing someone said to me afterwards was I didn’t know service design existed.  They did however, see a way we could work together, so I feel the event did it’s job and lots of interesting discussion followed.  My Peachy Keachy followed the theme of ‘what the hell happened in the last ten months?’.  I started with a picture of my graduation party when I delivered boxes of pink ‘free’ donated drink for our degree show to revellers on the street.  Following through with what service design is (in about 20 seconds) to Snook and Mypolice.

Thanks again to all the speakers, you were all fantastic.

And to round off, we will run another one.  We had quite a few people approach us and ask if they could do one next time round. Perfect!

To continue the discussion, cme and join the hub and the group so we can plan the next one.

Hats off to Neil Mcguire and Christine Kinnear who presented but were involved in the planning, (and mega last minute rush) to pull everything together.  For a good write up of the event, check out Christina’s blog.

Ode to an amazing woman
April 15, 2010, 10:07 pm
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I was just looking out this letter as a couple of weeks ago I read it out in front of Gill and Nick from Plot and Lauren Currie, who it was sent to…we were talking about who inspires us.  My gran always send I’d change the world, if not, at least give Scotland a good kick up the arse.

I wouldn’t normally use my blog for personal posting but on second thoughts, I’m an incredibly open person and feel that comes across in the way I speak and write and I felt compelled to write this.

The first person on my list of people who inspire me is my Granny Drummond.

She died this morning.

I will miss you so much, you mean the world to me, you taught me so much and I will never forget you.  You have made me so determined to achieve my dreams and not let anything stand in my way, ever.  If there is one thing I will change while I’m here on this earth is the care for beautiful and amazing people like you.  I promise I’ll do something about it.

Love you always, Sarah x

PK at the Glasgow School of Art
April 12, 2010, 9:55 pm
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Want to see the guy talk at speed who made the above video?   Well now is your chance!

All GSA staff and students are invited to:

GSA Pecha Kucha Thursday 22nd April, 5:30 PM Staff Lounge, Newbery Building (for tickets see below) pecha kucha loosely translates as the sound of chit-chat…. a 20×20 format, where speakers have 20 seconds to speak about each of their twenty slides, ensuring a rapid-fire exchange of ideas, opinions and insights…

Come along for an eclectic evening of cross-school presentations from GSA staff, students, alumni plus guests…


James Houston|Nicholas Oddy|Sharon Thomas|GSA Mutual|Evolve|Jamie Nicholson|Gordon Hush|David Coyle|Moira Dancer|Sarah Drummond|plus more to be confirmed

Hosted by: Glasgow School of Art Hub:

Free but ticketed.

Admission by tickets only:

Tickets via:

Limited, so book quickly…

More info:

from the GSA Hub

Exchanging Knowledge
April 6, 2010, 9:05 pm
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The Nordic conference on Service Design and Service Innovation, Servdes, is the premier research conference within service design and service innovation.  Taking place on the st-3rd December, it looked great last year, and I hope will serve up the same this year, and even more…

Servdes has a call for papers for the conference, to be submitted by June.

“The topic for this year’s conference is ExChanging Knowledge. ServDes invites contributions from researchers and practitioners that wish to contribute to the development of a knowledge base on service design, and openly discuss challenges of the field. Changing Knowledge is about investigating the fundamentals in service design and challenging the knowledge inherited from the disciplines which service design has grown out of. Exchanging Knowledge refers both to integrating knowledge from other fields and the ongoing conversation between conference participants with their various roles; consultants, students, in-house, clients and academics. The scientific programme will be composed of papers that have been peer-reviewed in a double-blind review process.”

Reading through the topics for submission and the theme of the conference, it’s great to see a move on from discussions and discovery of the topic to starting to look at the possibilities of what directions the discipline is moving in and where it might go.  The topics are interesting and I’m looking at submitting a paper (or two) detailing some of the exciting work I’ve had the pleasure of being part of in the last 12 months.  The topics are;

– the business of service design
– politics and design of services
– user involvement
– design in health-care and public services
– service design in for-profit organizations
– theoretical foundations
– the processes of service design
– rigor and relevance of research methods
– novel design tools and techniques
– service design across cultures
– design and service-dominant logic

Work that Snook has done with the ALISS project and mypolice fit into some of the topics and make for interesting developments in the public sector for new models of service delivery.  Not to mention Skills Development Scotland dipping their toes (quite fully) in the design thinking puddle and getting to grips with service design, I hope to try and rally them together to put in a submission.