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Ode to an amazing woman
April 15, 2010, 10:07 pm
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I was just looking out this letter as a couple of weeks ago I read it out in front of Gill and Nick from Plot and Lauren Currie, who it was sent to…we were talking about who inspires us.  My gran always send I’d change the world, if not, at least give Scotland a good kick up the arse.

I wouldn’t normally use my blog for personal posting but on second thoughts, I’m an incredibly open person and feel that comes across in the way I speak and write and I felt compelled to write this.

The first person on my list of people who inspire me is my Granny Drummond.

She died this morning.

I will miss you so much, you mean the world to me, you taught me so much and I will never forget you.  You have made me so determined to achieve my dreams and not let anything stand in my way, ever.  If there is one thing I will change while I’m here on this earth is the care for beautiful and amazing people like you.  I promise I’ll do something about it.

Love you always, Sarah x


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Thinking of you Sarah. Your gran would be so proud of you. Really pleased that you blogged about this; is great to get an incite into personal @rufflemuffin as well as the professional. It was your original blog on your gran that first got me to ever post a blog comment or engage with you. Thank you Granny Drummond, RIP xx

Comment by georgejulian

I am so sorry. Thank you for celebrating her here.

Comment by Adam Lawrence

You are so brave to share this with the world. You inspire me everyday. I will be by your side every step of the way to help Snook ‘do something about it’
All my love, Lauren x

Comment by redjotter

Sarah, you are one of the many people I know and love who wants to change the world but you are one of maybe only one or two that I know will actually really do this.
Your Nanny Drummond was obviously a very perceptive woman and I’ve no doubt you’ll continue to make her proud.

Much love
Cassie x

Comment by Cassie

Sarah You already are and will even more change the world and do it in a way that cares for the beautiful and amazing people people who share it with us. Don’t let anything stand in your way, EVER! Thinking of you.

Comment by Tony

Did not recognise your gran in the photo at first! She did go down hill quite a lot in the last five years. But she would have been proud of you. The last time I saw here I gave her a picture of you at your graduation, the one of you standing on the stairs which I have and so does your other gran. She was some machine in her younger days, widowed at 47 with 5 kids and four of them still at school. But she just gritted her teeth and got on with it and always put her kids first. Anyway chin up and see you next week, no doubt.

Comment by Mum

I foud your post so moving, I had been about to check with you if you minded me posting on my blog about our exchange about your Granny and my Dad both having dementia and loving music.. I feel sure that your love will inspire such great understanding and change.


Comment by sianep

Hi guys, thanks for all your comments, they mean a huge amount, that wasn’t easy to write.

Of course you can write about my gran liking music, like yours sian.

For the record, the minister said on Thursday my gran was a positive thinker, just like me. 🙂

Comment by sarahdrummond

[…] The presentations were really interesting ad I was glad there was such a diverse range of speakers and topics to hold everyones interests. Special mention has to go to Nicholas Oddy, a lecturer in the GSA Historical and Critical studies department: He had put in so much effort, from the 3 page script he had written and obviously rehearsed as it ran so well to time and for all the insightful photographs he had taken of his collections from home. It was also lovely to see some of the people I have been interviewing recently present as Moira Dancer from the Visual Communications Department at GSA gave a hilarious presentation on her life being short sighted! Finally, special mention has to go to Sarah Drummond who made special effort to finish off an excellent night with another great presentation about her work and in which she made tribute to her nan. […]

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[…] Sarah Drummond and I exchanged tweets some time ago about how her Gran liked music, and all that Sarah did to make sure her Nan’s tastes were known by the people that cared for her. I have no doubt that Sarah will make the powerful and sensitive difference she wants and sees the need to for. […]

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