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Wyndford gets £20000
February 22, 2010, 12:56 pm
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(L to R) Sara Patekari, Amy Marsh, Laura Franzini, Ian Grout, Sarah Drummond

What a week last one was.

Apart from much smiles in the mypolice camp as things start looking up, as part of my masters in Design Innovation, three of the getgoglasgow team went down to present Green Gorillaz in the UK final.

A real stretch, we were given only 15 minutes to present our research (very people led heavy and the most interesting part of our work), proposal and development since the regional final.

And, well, we won.  After some tough question and answers, and a grilling about our financial projections, we were soon drinking bubbles in the RSA.  I did think it was a real shame we didn’t get to see the other teams’ proposals, it would of been good to see what other colleges are up to and the approach they took, although, I guess more faces in the room would have added to everyone’s nerves.

And nervewracking it was, the judging panel consisted of;

§  Jeremy Myerson – Royal College of Art – Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art

§  Sir John Sorrell of the Sorrell Foundation

§  Lynda Relph-Knight – Editor of Design Week

§  Jeremy Hicks – Chief Executive of Audi UK

§  Prof Isobel Pollock – Audi Design Foundation Trustee & Royal Academy of Engineering visiting Professor, University of Leeds

§  Ted Matthews – Project Manager, Urban ideas Bakery for British Council

§  Claire Watt-Smith – Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs for 2008 and founder of

The telling of this project will be how the residents use it.  Already we can start to see some ideas being generated by the community, my favourite being dog poo alert, and to see residents getting excited about starting active groups in Wyndford is amazing.  You can access their portal here and as it hasn’t launched yet, we’re not huge on members yet but confident once marketed we’ll have a good pull.  So where does the £20000 go?  Well we’re going to make sure £10000 of it can be ‘won’ by residents to start activity groups or hold events.  Every month, a new gorillaz group can pitch for £100, which ensures the money will last over 4 years, and in turn, the real value of increased community interaction will be achieved.

I’m hoping to get an annotated presentation up so you can read more about how we undertook this project and what it is actually about.  I think the biggest interest from the judges was how we undertook the project, our engagement tools and ways in which we rounded up the community to generate ideas with us.  They are keen to see how we can ‘package’ this up.  I want to work further on this, but I am really tight for time what with a new term and new projects on the masters course.  I don;t think the tools can just be replicated, I think it is more about the mindset used to undertake them, I’d be interested in studying this more.

Anyway, for now, Wyndford is £20000 better off, a football pitch is nearly finished and they’re about to pitch for the first set of dragons den money for football strips, the team will aptly be named, the Wyndford Gorillaz. Great!

oh, and we made design week too!