Inside the head of a designer

Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond focuses on making social change happen by rethinking public
services from a human perspective. During 2010, Sarah has been sponsored by
Skills Development Scotland to work alongside their Service Design & Innovation
Directorate to consider how design can be useful and embedded into the organisation.
Her work challenges the role of design within the public sector, as the winner
of the first Scottish Social Innovation camp Sarah is ambitiously challenging
the way governments operate and make policies through initiatives such as

Prior to being Director of Snook, Sarah won £20,000 for a deprived community
in Glasgow; “Getgo” used techniques and skills adopted from the service design
process to create a ‘co produced social enterprise’ that tackled crime. The project
relied on prototyping, visualisation skills and co-design. These are topics Sarah
teaches at Universities in Europe, recently teaching a group of industrial
design students from Auburn University, U.S how to rapidly and efficiently
prototype public services for young people.

Talk to me about designthinking, designing for services, embedding design in the public sector and all about Scotland.

Lego is also a secret passion of mine.

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