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Masters in Design Innovation
September 22, 2009, 11:27 pm
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Well summer just came and went.  It’s not like I really had a holiday, I sweated it out over (and still over) mypolice.  I feel very humbled to be part of that rollercoaster but will be handing the bulk over to Lauren Currie for the forseeable future until my new course calms down a little.

And so here I am.  New studio, not so new art school, but exciting new course.  I have began a postgraduate masters at the Glasgow School of Art in Design Innovation which focuses on transformation/environmental and service design and am being sponsored by Skills Development Scotland, so will be working with them also.

I’m looking this year at how service design and largely ‘design thinking’ can be integrated into Skills Development Scotland (and in a wider context, other public sector organisations) as a way of project managing and creating and evaluating new and existing services.  I will be releasing a larger article soon on my thoughts so far about designing for the public sector so I’ll hold back my thoughts on this.

Our first project is going to be with the Audi foundation.  From now until January we will be looking at ‘new’ social/community projects.  You can find out more about the projects here at the Sustain our nation site.


I say we, I’ve been lucky to meet a very diverse bunch of people who all have very different backgrounds, I think in total there are 9 of us, and from a few different places around the world.

The project splits into 5 different topics which we can use to somehow (the project is largely open at the moment) to organise ourselves.

I’m looking forward to this, I think the best approach to this is to meet the communities first then decide which title to work under.  After all, as our tutor put it today, designer’s must stop making assumptions.
And to quote another tutor, Irene Mcara McWilliams, head of the school of design at GSA said to us yesterday,
“This course is about challenging and pushing forward what design can do, and we’re looking at you to do it”
Fighting words and I’m looking forward to working under that mantra.