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March 2, 2010, 10:17 pm
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Myself, Neil Mcguire and Penny Anderson attempted at the start of my masters to get an online network going to get more cross collaboration and people talking around the art school, because in my experience, it’s pretty fragmented at the best of times.

I’ve always felt the most interesting conversations happened between myself and other disciplines, we can learn alot from each other, especially when we work and operate in different worlds.  That’s why we set up gsahub, with its umbrella here which houses blogs from around the art school which we are slowly collecting.  And slow it has been, we’ve not particularly had the time to push it, but it’s organically growing, and we want it to get bigger and better.

Above is a photo taken from Alex Ostrowski, who set up the Yellow Revolution at UWE, Bristol.  He says,

“In my second year of university I became frustrated with the lack of creative interaction between students on different courses. In collaboration with a like-minded illustrator, Hattie Newman, we instigated an open collective by the name of The Yellow Revolution, intended to facilitate and showcase interdisciplinary creative collaboration amongst UWE students.”

Now to be fair to our gsahub, we’ve not gone to the lengths and got the yellow paint out, but our intentions are there and we’re excited about our event!

And so to launch it, we are going to hold a Pecha Kucha event, and joining the organisational team is Christina Kinnear. Students past and present will come armed with 20 slides, each timed at 20 seconds to present their work and lives on April 22nd at 5.30pm inside the staff lounge of ‘Where the Monkey Sleeps’.

Tickets are limited so sign yourself up, and come join us on the hub, or join in on twitter using the #gsahub.


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