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September 27, 2009, 4:07 pm
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I was sent this in an email this week and caught my attention.  There has often been times when I’ve been in different places in the world and thought, that’s a great idea I wonder if that would work at home in the UK?

So I’m introducing Idea-porting.

“ideAporting is a collaborative online platform where users can share ideas, services and innovations that could be imported, exported or both between countries worldwide.

For example, a recent article in The Independent newspaper reported that there is a new scheme for the city of Ghent in Belgium to go vegetarian one day a week. Would this work in the UK? How could it be promoted? Conversely, are there any innovative concepts from the UK that could be successfully implemented in another country? If so, what cultural issues would need to be taken into consideration?”

The site hosts ideas such as a playpark for elderly people (see above) and the Brixton pound for a market place to help counteract the effects of the recession.

Would be great to see an idea cross borders and find out what might need to change culturally for it to work in another country.  Just recently social innovation camp jumped borders to Bratislava, find out what happened here.

I’ll be watching this to see what happens once they really get going.  You can follow them on twitter @ideaporting

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