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Pecha Kucha at the Lighthouse
May 28, 2009, 11:34 pm
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Well I’ve just got back home from my first Pecha Kucha night.  Having done a Pecha Kucha myself as part of our final year interim presentations, I applaud everyone who took part, its such a difficult thing to do, but a fantastic way of getting information and stories across.  The drill is you have 20 slides, and each turns after 20 seconds, resulting in a 6 minute 40 seconds.

The speakers tonight were;

Chris Rankin, a landscape architect who discussed his child animating spaces in ways we can’t imagine, great thought!

A very bubbly Mhairi Mackenzie who has helped to establish Mucky Puddle as one of Glasgow’s foremost creative studios and took us on a tour of Davids she loves, very entertaining

Josh Reid an inventor and founder partner of CorePD showed us some of his inventions and a rather amusing slide of some kind of water cycling device and his new wee, very cute, baby. Congratulations!

David Hicks is a service designer who I had the pleasure of chatting to after.  He is the director of The border crossing co. and works with clients to discover what it is they need to do for their business and facilitates workshops with clients and end users, great to see service design in Scotland and good dose of co-design.

Graham Ross, a director of Austin-Smith Lord LLP is an architect and urban designer and discussed the regeneration of areas like Bridgeton and how they are historically rich.

David Sapien, a games designer, discussed the sun, backed by amusing graphics, discussing how we are all made of the same stuff, and that blows his mind.

Don McIntyre, director of Urban Learning Space, who I have had the joy of visiting twice, talked us through his life, a very amusing account of kiss water machines, ordering food in Japan by mimicking the animal he wanted and supporting crap football teams.

Gaylie Runchie, from a digital media company talked to us about second life and being artists in residence in Second Life in the Glasgow School of Art.  She told us all about the virtual environment and how you can’t have babies on world of warcraft!

Andrew Stevenson shared and told us all about their company Tangent, a graphic design agency operating in Glasgow and New York.  They told us about their pie making escapades, bags on head design and their expansion to New York.


Aussie, Joanne Jacobs is an expert consultant in social networking technologies.  Joanna talked to us about Picamp and We20.  She is looking for volunteers to take on Political Innovation Camp in August and hopes to hold it at the lighthouse for free.  A bunch of people together working through ideas, I’m in, is anyone else?

Andrew Grant, is the group managing director and founder of  He took us through the rules of business, money matters, listening to your customers but most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail, you learn from it!

All was held together by the wonderfully enthusiastic and first timer Mark Jennings who introduced the night and informed us all of the wine intervals.  Well done Mark, great job!

What struck a chord for me tonight was the running theme of collaboration and co creation, and that we have all this wonderful talent in Scotland, and particularly Glasgow that we should be embracing it and working together to really push forward this city as a strong competitor to London.  It was fantastic to see so many talented and creative people in one room, hopefully some of that business card passing will evolve into something truly great!

I’d also like to thank Fran McIntyre for her kind offer of golf gloves for my project. I will be in touch!


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