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Whilst having two projects firmly on my mind at the moment, the cogs were set in motion for the next one already.  I have been in touch with the CTC- The UK’s national cyclists’ association, and they sent along Dave Holladay (Working with CTC on Cycling with Public Transport Issues.- and with Strathclyde DMEM on design & manufacture projects.) to have a wee talk.

So we went for coffee and discussed over a project that might suit me for my final 4th year project, the self initiated, where I choose what I would like to study.  It was perfect, as a keen cyclist I’ve always been interested in doing something kind of related to this, so for an hour we discussed ‘Travel demand management’ and put a specific spin on the project of Glasgow to Edinburgh commuter journeys with emphasis on cycling as the ideal transport between main stations to work place and homes, door to door, which public transport does not do.  The discussion over rental schemes ensued and the best ways to do these, and if this was an appropriate method.  We also looked at how you could make these cost efficient and how companies like SPT and First could be the companies who ran them.

Quite excited for this one and it means I have professional backing too, lots of ideas buzzing round my head but of course there is a small matter of finishing the other projects, one which has an impending deadline of next Thursday, ouch!

I also laughed at how Dave said to me, ‘you do draw an awful lot of little pictures’. great, I don’t think I draw enough!


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