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Cycling my way past 4th year
January 15, 2009, 12:49 pm
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Starting to think about what things I should be aiming towards, doing when I graduate this year.  I would love to continue studying, quite a few of the guys in course are applying to the RCA, unfortunately, funding is a major issue.  I’ve always been interested in cycling and was considering for my self initiated project this year, looking at cycling in Glasgow and how we can persuade more people to do so.  A project undertaken last year (below), where I looked at cycle racks in the city centre, gave me the opportunity to visit Glasgow city council and although I was looking at physical aspects of cycling alot of issues came up.  There was a fanatastic opportunity, where the guys who run the cycling department at the council asked me how we could get people on their bikes.  Then I remembered receiving this and thinking, this might be a great summer project to undertake during the summer, especially after I heard on the cycling grapevine there was a rental system being considered, it would be interesting to see how this would be implemented in Glasgow since our cycle network is pretty poor at the moment and not going to be improved for a good few years due to, as ususal, lack of funding and in our current economic crisis, if funding is being cut too?


‘Eco Frames’ – Bike racks made from recyled frames.  They are alot cheaper to manufacture than the standard frames and a perfect system could be set up between commonwheel (a project that teaches people with mental disabilities to fix bikes that are donated by the public and sell on later) as they have the manpower, the workshop, and the materials to manufacture these which the council could then purchase from them.
CTC Research and Development Postgraduate Bursaries 2009 CTC is pleased to offer three bursaries for high quality MA/MScresearch projects into aspects of cycling consistent with our business or campaigning needs (see below). The bursaries, for £2500 each, will be offered by competition, closing date Monday 16th February. Applicants should offer an abstract of the proposed study, a study project plan, research question and expected outcomes/insights, plus include a CV. Please also include full contact details for your supervisor. A list of CTC indicative topics is available but projects covering other topic areas are also encouraged. Awards will be assessed by a panel of academics, CTC officers and CTC councillors. CTCwill require a project initiation meeting with each student and supervisor, a pre-report update in June/July and, finally, a copy of the student’s final thesis within one month of completion of final marking. There will also be the opportunity to present the findings at one of two national conferences. Assistance of the CTC’s national volunteer network may be available for suitable projects. Applications should be sent to: with a copy to Recipients will be notified of award by Friday 27th March. Research Focus For this year’s award CTC is specifically interested in receiving research proposals in the following areas: a) effectiveness of interventions to encourage cyclists and cycling and/or change behaviours and attitudes of and towards cyclists; b) understanding the needs and behaviours of particular social/economic groupings within the cycle owning community, notably youthand the 40+ age groups; c) understanding cyclists interface needs with public transport and its infrastructure, notably safety, reliability, quality, convenience and planning; d) cycle safety issues, including the perceptions and experiences of existing and/or non-cyclists of the highway and cycle infrastructure environment. Two bursaries will be awarded to candidates specifically addressing the above topics. One bursary, however, will be awarded on an open call basis; that is to say applicants can chose a cycling related topic not highlighted in the above. For more information and assistance contact: John Meudell, (CTC National Council), e:; t: 01306-640264 For more information on CTC and its activities go to

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