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The magic of web 2.0
January 11, 2009, 3:17 pm
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The other day I was browsing my face book, and I decided to search for old people I used to know.  Not knowing their surname, (it’s been a while) I typed in their first name, trying to narrow it down by selecting cities, age groups etc..I still had a lot of names.  What got me, was the endless lists of people, was put into order of how many mutual friends we had.  As I scrolled down the list I began to find potential new friends, who knew my friends.  There were two types of links.  One was a potential add friend who knew a certain group of people through say work, or uni etc…this didn’t surprise me, that’s expected.  The ones that startled me slightly was this potential add friend person knew two or more of my friends from no particular link or experience yet it seemed happen quite often.

I catagorise my friends on face book like this;

Friends from Primary (Edinburgh 91-98)

Friends from secondary (Edinburgh 98-04)

Friends from Tanzania (04-05)

Friends from Art School (05-present)

Friends from Prague (07)

Friends from Work (02-present, Real Foods-Edin, Heart Buchanan-Glasgow, Grassroots-Glasgow)

So I’m searching and I find one friend from Product Design course I think from Edinburgh, one friend I knew in Tanzania who goes to Bath and another friend I know through a friend from Newcastle.

Again one potential add friend links someone I know from Prague who is from Spain and another who i used to work in Edinburgh with who is from south Africa. 

I’m bemused, web 2.0 really does make the world feel like a very small place.  I wonder if both people know each other through the friend, or they are completely oblivious to the fact that they know the same person me, my head is confused now.  I’d like to see a better attempt at the 6 degrees of separation tool on facebook, I’m going to go research that now.

and so I thought I’d post this story.


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