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Visiting Old territory
December 23, 2008, 1:03 pm
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Last wednesday, 17th december, I went back to The Royal High School, the place that inspired me, taught me, bored me, loved me all at the same time.  ‘bored’ is in reference to physics, no offence but I never did quite grasp logical scientific theory, in my opinion it was always magical gnomes that held us to the ground and not some Newton man who sat under a tree and got hit with an apple, not that he holds us down, his theories rather.


I was back presenting on behalf of the Glasgow School of Art, presenting my work, explaining the concept of service design and letting them know how the GSA works…I hope it went well, although there was a deadly silence at the end…it made me feel rather old and boring, haha…

well, anyway, for anyone who did attend the talk, I have put the links I listed on the left hand side.  I’m also going to post the pdf of the first half of the lecture, the rest I can’t post online due to restrictions on what gets published..

p.s A very funny photo I found of me back in the day with horrendous champion jumper and bolt fringe looking like a bit of a ned.  I appear to be hammering a shed…perhaps to pieces?

p.p.s The PDF of the talk for you to have a wee look at Royalhightalk


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