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An inspiring set of topics
August 20, 2008, 5:39 pm
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Call me a loser (awaiting comments)

but I’m very excited about the RSA project.  Although (un)fortuneatly I am attracted to the the design directions plus, plus meaning probably more work/time input but what the hey, I enjoy working far too much.

Anyway some quite inspiring topics.  Ageing population/The Prison visit.   The post office project also gets a look in, quesioning the role of the post office (rural ones in mind).  I think though the prospect of sitting down and drinking tea with lots of old people sounds pretty exciting.  In all seriousness though I think the preliminary work should be interesting, also the techniques to extract information (that sounded a little scientific, my bad) to gain insights into what the ‘users’ will need from a service/product sounds like a challenging task.  And the best thing about the ageing population project is that I have no idea how it might turn out which I think is a great way to approach a project. well the only way really.  For the prison and post office briefs I’m already starting to get preconceived ideas of what I might want to design and that is, for me personally, not good because I get bogged down and self obscessed with what I think might be good.

I really need to fix my camera so I can finally start putting photos on this darn blog!

signing off



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