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August 16, 2008, 5:27 pm
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Well, where to start?

I am a resident in Glasgow.

I drink too much coffee.

And I study at GSA. I’m a 4th year product design student.

I am in love with service design.  I’m quite a geek.


So just to recap the last wee while.  Over the summer I have been working as a designer for learndirect scotland/ skills development scotland.  It was a continuation of a project undertaken at GSA.  Myself and Iain Macmillan (a friend and fellow designer) took on the challenge of taking our ideas into ‘phase II’.

We were working on an online learning site/community.  I don’t know how much I can release at the moment, but I will post some photos of our proccess.  look forward to a mumble jumble of post its and berol pens.  It’s been tiresome!


(N.b Here comes a very sex and the city carrie moment)

So from the discussion yesterday after our final presentation of’My Learning Pod’ , it got me to thinking (please forgive the last phrase),

Irene Mcara Mcwilliams (head of design at gsa) was discussing the value we have in relation to skills.  How do we reflect and realise our own skills.  Her example she gave was in relation to cooking.  Say someone was good at cooking around the house, even though its not a recognised ‘qualification’ persay or official ‘achievement’ how can someone express this skill, also realise it and what, I guess potential/opportunity it could lead on to.  It’s a tough subject to figure out, figuring out the value of something we can’t see, how can it be done, I look forward this year to delving deeper into this ‘value’ equation. 

I can walk into a shop, see how much something costs, in terms of value, thats pretty straight forward.  But how do you figure out value of something we can’t see, is it the satisfaction of the ‘user’ / ‘customer’ experience?

I just read back the last two paragraphs, how confusing, its a bit of a stream of conciousness.  I do apologise to any readers but I guess this is my way of  downloading thoughts from my head.  how very 21st century!!

Anyway, I feel I have out stayed my two coffee welcome in the cafe. and abused their free wifi enough.  I guess I wish I had started blogging way earlier, so I presume this will become a blog of nostalgia and confusion.

I look forward to a beautiful relationship between me and wordpress.

signing off




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